Activities and Services

Most of our visitors take advantage of many available activities. We pride ourselves to be the only agriturismo in the area where you can swim in a chemical free salt water based swimming pool. Therefore you will experience no chemical smell, and no eye and skin irritation. The smooth quality of water will feel almost like swimming in the sea without a salty sensation afterwards.

I addition, we also offer other services for your well being and relaxation: 

Relaxation Massage: 1 hour (50 euros), 90 minutes (70 euros)Massage at Pereti

Ayurvedic Massage:1 hour (50 euros), 90 minutes (70 euros)
Reflexology Treatment: 1 hour (50 euros), 90 minutes (70 euros)
Morning Yoga: 1 hour (35 euros)
Morning Quigong: 1 hour (35 euros)
Morning Meditation Session (20 euros)
Healing Session: 1 hour (50 euros)
Reiki Healing: 1 hour (50 euros)
Chakra Balancing: 1 hour (50 euros)
Powerplate vibrational therapy: (20 euros per use)
Detox consultation: 1 hour (30 euros)

Please ask us about our week long or weekend detox program, which is offered on an individual basis! The detox program is based on the principles Ann Wigmore and Hippocrates Health Institute. It includes deep internal clensing as well as as nutrient rich organic juices and smoothies to restore the immune syste and natural balance.